Reading this site and Twitter you'd be right to think that being a developer is not a job but a lifestyle. That you can't progress unless you are involved in social groups, talks, podcasts, books, twitter communities and so on and so forth. But don't buy into this idea that you wont succeed unless you have all of the above. Dev Burnout is real, and trust me I feel it from time to time. It's enough to just try and keep up with the changing landscape of what we do, let alone be part from some new group that spreads love about a new stack or framework.

I'm not saying don't be involved but make sure you do so whilst maintaining a work life balance. See after 20 years in this industry that is the most important part of the job. Being a developer is fun, and massively fulfilling, like know other job if you love what we do, but so is life. I hope in this current world we really have worked out what is most important to us all and that we take a moment to look away from the screens and look out the window.

Right now I have a demanding senior developer role, I work 50 plus hours a week, I have a new site ready to launch next week and another that I have just started, on top of all that Im moving house and trying to learn Vue 3. I feel that burnout coming, see when I burnout I shut down, I literally have to not look at code and I have to move away from any screens and dive into a comic book or some music. Managing it is easy but it creeps up on you when you try and do too much. So all Im saying is find work and life balance, do not buy into the fairy tale that the social life gives us.

But most of all, enjoy it all.