If you are a developer who follows many wonderful people on Twitter it's sometimes hard to see how any of them have real lives. People always seem to be coding, learning, discussing code, answering questions, and never have what we shall call a normal life. Cooking dinner, paying bills, going out on date night, having a full-on Netflix and chill session. I have noticed it and always wonder if as a developer I do enough.

Do I do enough to stay current, to stay in the know, tech changes so quickly and every day there seems to be a new Javascript framework or a new way to do the thing you've been doing for years. I read sometimes with envy at all these wonderful CSS animations or the way a certain project was structured, seeing people on there #100Daysofcode journies, learning new wonderful things.

And then I realise I work 60 hours a week, senior front end developer and I have meetings, sprints and Pull Requests to review and that's not even before I start my code and any requests I have to do. By 5:30 all I want is my dinner and some TV or music, looking at code is the last thing on my list.

My point to this post is when you finally get into it, when you finally have a job and are working everyday with your eyes buried in a screen and looking at code, it takes its toll. You have to find time to relax and find the perfect work life balance that works for you.

Like the great Tallahassee says in Zombieland - 'Gotta enjoy the little things'