How is it this day in age that we let certain aspects of our data self get flogged like a horse in a market? I have been toying with the idea of removing myself from Facebook, the social media giant has been playing unfair with our data. But of course, that means WhatsApp and Instagram as well, I mean they own a lot and so much is integrated into our daily lives.

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I ask have we become so accepting of how we allow people to use our personal information and in turn our data self. I mean would you give me your credit card pin number if I offered you $10? Of course not! So why should we accept that companies are willing to sell our data for profit? I simply do not wish to sit here a lecture or stand on some moral high ground but I do ask myself when did it simply become ok.

Were it not facebook selling the data but some black market organization like say, Hydra (Showing my geek side) the world would be up in arms! But because Facebook is on our phones, tablets, gaming consoles, computers, televisions and pretty much any other device that has a network connection and its the only way we can talk with friends and family across the globe it's just acceptable.

Data is the new oil and it is worth a fortune! But why should we submit our own information to allow this to happen and how much are they actually taking and what are they selling.

I have still yet to make that break because of a project I was running but after that, I think I'm moving on. I'll stick to Twitter, yes they have data on me but its a fraction of what Facebook has.

Id love to get some feedback, and Id love to see what others think