What is the real difference between Senior, Mid level and Junior developer? Do the three tags really mean anything? Is it just a pay grade or a self indulged title we all strive towards?

The above questions are some questions I have been asking myself lately. I mean so we really need to label what we are and simply go for pay structure base don time served and we are all simply developers?

So the reason I say this is because as developers we all bring something to the party, be it a new skill or an old way of thinking. This whole idea has come off working with a really smart and skilled 'junior' developer on the latest project I have been working on. So I have somewhere around 15 years, which means I think a little different to a developer who grew up in the framework era (Yes I'm coining that phrase).

I have a good idea of UI design and the best way to plan and output a build but that does not mean I know the best way to code in the modern world nor does it mean I have all the answers. I have to rely heavily on my team and those around me to help output the vision I have put in place. Also that also means I am asking questions of my front end team of the best way to do a certain piece of code or a tricky piece of UI. Does this mean my contribution is anymore than his? Not at all, and what is the only difference between me and him?

The difference is this, I have more time in the working commercial world and that in my eyes is it. As a developer I have come to the conclusion 95% of what we do is work out how to do something and 5% actually coding it and that is the only reason I should be paid more than him, his code is better than mine at times and my thinking is better than his at times.

I can handle customers and I can handle pressure situations, I understand workflow and I understand how to create a good UI from the many I have built. He on the other hand understand current techniques, current language syntax and the frameworks.

So who is the senior and who is the junior? As we both bring things to the table and we both can join the party. My experiences give me a slight advantage and my time is worth more as I have 15 years extra but am I more senior than him no not at all.

So we need to drop tags, we need to remove titles and just all be developers and be paid on experience.