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I have been a developer now for 17 years, I have worked on personal projects way back on my Amiga 1200 right up to now as a full-stack Vue.js, Python developer. I have a huge passion for web development and learning all I can to progress in my career. I have keen insights into crypto-currency and also in my spare time, I’m a musician, love sports and walking my dogs.



Book a car

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Book a car is a Flask app for managing car parking spaces within a company. The app uses multiple libraries to allow for Auth, MySQL, and front-end templating.

Skills: Flask, Flask Login, SQLAlchemy, Jinga, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Functions, Methods

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If you wish to reach out please use the email below. I'm always happy to chat to fellow developers and discuss all things development and tech.

Computers Make Excellent & Efficient Servants, But I Have No Desire To Serve Under Them. - Spock

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